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We know that finding the right tradesmen can be a daunting experience therefore, we have a set of promises to help with your peace of mind.

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Unlike most electricians, we provide a fixed written quote on the spot, no hidden surprises.

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Experiencing tripping or loss of power or lighting? We can be there within the hour* for an emergency.

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This goes without saying. All our electricians are fully licensed and insured for your protection​.

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Utilising our advanced GPS tracking system, we can ensure electrician arrives on time.

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We employ the best. To prove it we back up our service with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

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We are proud to be able to offer interest-free payment plans to our entire customer base.

Switchboard Installation, Upgrade and Repair.

Looking for expert electricians to handle your electrical switchboard wiring and upgrades? Look no further than Star Plus Electrical. Our award-winning team can complete your job on time and within budget while ensuring your safety.

If you own an older building or home with rewireable fuses, you may be at risk of electrical fires and shocks. But no worries! Safety switches automatically isolate circuits when an electrical fault occurs, protecting you and your property.

Whether you’re installing new appliances or undergoing renovations, our master electricians can assess whether a switchboard upgrade or installation is necessary to prevent overloading. Our services range from installing new switchboards to upgrading existing ones and repairing faulty switchboards.

At Star Plus Electrical, your electrical safety is our top priority. Contact us today to book a switchboard upgrade or wiring check, and leave the rest to us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Got questions? It’s natural to have questions. We have answers (well, most of the time!). Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact our friendly team.

    switchboard upgrades electricians

    A safety switch is designed to protect people from electric shock, while a circuit breaker only offers protection to electrical cables and appliances in cases where they are faulty or have been abused.

    When you turn on an appliance, electricity flows from the switchboard to it and back to the switchboard. However, if the wire is damaged, electricity can leak to the appliance or anyone touching it. This can be dangerous, as the person in contact with the circuit may experience muscle spasms, including ventricular vibrations or disruption of the heart muscles.

    But with a safety switch in place, any leakage is detected, and the circuit is tripped within 30 milliseconds, which is less than the length of a critical heartbeat. This stops the flow of electricity through the person’s body, significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

    In order to ensure complete protection, it is recommended to have multiple safety switches installed in your home to cover each circuit. For instance, you might require one switch for your ceiling lights and another for your appliances like the washing machine or oven that operate on a separate circuit.

    Safety switches can be easily tested using the ‘test’ button. They need to be tested regularly to ensure the mechanism continues to work freely and is not gummed up with dirt or other foreign matter.

    Simply push the button marked ‘T’ or ‘test’. If the safety switch flicks off and cuts the power to the intended circuits, it is working correctly. Check inside your home to see which lights or appliances have been turned off. The circuits turned off by the safety switch test mean they are protected by it. If it doesn’t turn off the power, contact your licensed electrician to check it immediately. After testing, turn the safety switch back on. For circuits with a refrigerator or air conditioner, wait at two to three minutes before resetting to avoid possible appliance damage.

    It is recommended to conduct push button testing every three months. To ensure you don’t forget, you can either test them every time you receive your quarterly electricity account or set up a reminder on your calendar.

    Fix Now, Pay Later.

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