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Tips for Reducing Power Usage

Saving power can be one of the simplest ways of improving the profitability of your business. You can make quick power saving changes across your business that will reduce your energy bills, lessen carbon pollution and conserve energy. By also training your staff on energy saving, together you can do your bit for the environment.

The more...


Australia’s Energy Consumption

Australians spend about $50 billion on energy each year, while energy exports earn more than $24 billion a year. The sector involves massive, long-lived capital items such as electricity plants, transmission lines, coal, oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, refineries, wind farms as well as a multitude of smaller facilities such...


Electrical Safety - First Priority

The risks of electricity to both people and property are well-known. Because of the inherent risks of electricity, all State and Territory Governments have legislation in place which regulates who can install, maintain and repair electrical installations and apparatus.

You must use a licensed electrician to carry out any electrical work...


Home Renovation Electrical Safety Tips

Whether your home improvement project has been something you’ve dreamed of doing for years or a more ‘spur of the moment’ decision, your renovation will go a lot more smoothly if you take the time to plan it properly. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms to renovate so it pays to get it right the first time.

Aside from...


8 Tips for Safe Home Maintenance

As tempting as it might be, leave electrical work to the professionals. Most maintenance is pretty simple – you do some basic cleaning once a week, tighten a screw here and there when necessary, change a light bulb occasionally or check the battery in your smoke alarm once every six months.

None of these things pose any real threat...


The High Price of Buying Cheap

Australian electrical contractors and systems integrators are being warned against the use of cheap electrical products arriving from overseas or from dubious websites. Make sure your sparkie isn’t using such products in your home – it’s not worth the risk.

Put one weak product in a chain of other equipment, and you put everything at...


Pest Related Electrical Damage

After having pests exterminated from your house in the Adelaide area, it is always prudent to call in a skilled, qualified electrician in Adelaide to ensure that your wiring is still safe and intact. The exterminator – or “pest control expert”, as they frequently bill themselves today – may have wiped out the termite colony with...


Safety Tips For Your Home

Before you find yourself in need of a 24-hour electrician in Adelaide, it’s best to follow basic safety tips to ensure your electrical service is functioning properly. Because of the safety risks that can be brought on by poorly functioning appliances, old wiring, and other electrical issues, these safety procedures can protect your...


Ferreting Out Electrical Faults

Ferreting out an electrical fault can be daunting proposition for those with little training in such matters, or lacking the range of equipment that will let you make an accurate diagnosis of what ails your electrical system. The skilful, friendly, diligent professionals from Star Plus (www.starpluselectrical.com.au) – 24 hour...


Avoiding Costly Commercial Shutdowns

The need to get vital computer systems and machinery back on line as soon as possible is best addressed by an emergency electrician in Adelaide, such as the fully qualified technicians whom you can summon to your aid from Star Plus (www.starpluselectrical.com.au) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five...


A Closer Look at LEDs

Australia is currently leading the world in its ban against inefficient lighting, writes Brightgreen. Started in 2009, the Australian government placed import restrictions on incandescent globes and introduced MEPs for existing lights available in the market.

In May this year Australia started restricting halogen imports, further fuelling...


Sustainable Lighting from Star Plus

Lighting your home in a sustainable manner can be a daunting task. Whether you’ve just bought a brand new residence or are renovating an existing one, lighting your home is always a key element when it comes to creating atmosphere. When selecting a lighting scheme there are many decisions to make including style, colours, fabrics,...


All-Round Services From Star Plus

There are countless ways that electricity interacts with our modern lives, so much so that this era might be better called the Age of Lightning than the Industrial Age. The world is awash with a flowing web of electricity like a vast brain pulsing with electrical impulses. Electricity provides light, cooling preservation for our food and...


Affordable On-Call Electricians

Having affordable on-call electricians for Adelaide problems at your fingertips will greatly simplify dealing with the unavoidable difficulties that burgeon in the most electricity-intensively environments. You can save both time and money by arranging a service plan with Star Plus (www.starpluselectrical.com.au), and have our skilled...


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