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Surge Protection

Can you sleep easy knowing that your home or business is safe from a power surge? A power surge is a fast, unpredictable rise in voltage that makes its way round your home or office electrical system. Star Plus Electrical has a range of power surge protectors services which will protect your devices from sudden surges.

Frequent voltage spikes not only irritate the employees of any organizations, but curb the profit graph from rising high. System downtime, important data loss, damage of costly devices or hardware etc. are few of the inevitable consequences of such power surges. So if you are eager to ensure a smooth running of your workforce, then surge protection is the ultimate solution for you. Surge protection, like power protection, is considered as a pivotal part of risk management across globe. 

Surges occur when power supply in a 230V line suddenly goes above 253 volts for a half cycle. Surges can be harmful as the internal circuits of your electrical devices are not capable of absorbing the high energy rush. Though some electrical equipment is designed with in-built surge protection devices, but most of the appliances lack in-built protectors. 

In such cases, the mechanism of power surge protectors ensures safety by channeling the excess voltage via earthing or similar other means. These protectors stand like a wall between the devices and the mains. Most often, surge protection devices are incorporated inside spike busters and so they can easily regulate the power flow. Moreover, as they have numerous power outputs, you can plug several machines or appliances into a single surge suppression device. 

Surge protection is utmost necessary for your household as well as office premises as ignoring surges or spikes can lead to major damage in your electrical appliances. Sometimes we tend to avoid small surges thinking them minor issues or too harmless. But we are wrong. Many little surges can gradually your expensive electronic gadgets, devices etc. like computers, telephones, fax machine, TV, sound systems, DVD players, refrigerators, microwaves etc. The gradual deterioration of their performance won’t be visible to your eyes immediately. But when you come to realize the damage, it will be too late to go for a surge protection. 

Salient features of the power surge protectors services offered by Star Plus Electrical:

  • Transient voltage surge suppression
  • Available in both single and multiple power outlets
  • Easy installation and minimum maintenance
  • Automatic power shut down whenever the device reaches its maximum capacity of protection
  • Bright indicators to inform you about the status of power supply as well as to alarm you when the voltage is out-of-control

Surge protectors

Protecting your electrical items from power surges is often done by way of a simple surge protector that you plug into your electrical outlet. If the power levels spike about a level deemed acceptable, the surge protector diverts the excess energy into its grounding wire. This is your best minimum protection for individual or groups of items.

Surge arrestors

But the better way to protect your electrical items is to have a surge arrestor installed to protect all of the circuits in your entire building. The surge arrestor installation is done at the switchboard, and protects you against surges in power, usually up to around 6000 volts. Higher rated systems are also available if required e.g. commercial situations.

Unplug items if applicable

Of course the alternative way to protect against power surges is to unplug your appliances whenever they are not in use!

No power surge can damage an appliance that isn’t plugged in, and it is also a smart move for conserving energy as well as staying safe. This is not always practical of course – but it is an option.

Why we are so vulnerable

Most modern equipment (computers etc), and appliances – rely on electronics to function, and they need a steady rate of power to be able to operate effectively – which makes them extremely vulnerable to damage from power surges.

So please take surge protection installation into consideration – for the sake of your existing electrical items, and before you start using that new computer, appliance, or equipment item. 

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