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Safety Switch Installation

Residual Current Device or more commonly known as Safety Switches. Do I need to have my safety switch tested by a competent person? The simple answers is YES, Here at Star Plus Electrical we perfom under AS/NZS 3760:2003 Manual and Trip time test under the required service intervals.

What is Safety Switch?

A safety switch, also known as a residual current device (RCD) is an electrical device that can detect electrical currents flowing through the body. They activate within 30 milliseconds – quicker than a human heart-beat.

Safety switches can protect against fires

Faults can occur in appliances, tools and wiring – due to wear and tear, dampness, poor design or poor installation. Undetected, these faults could eventually cause a fire, property damage, or personal injury. Thankfully, because of their sensitivity, safety switches provide a means of early fault detection.

Safety switch protection

Safety switches will provide a reliable means of preventing electrocution from most electrical accidents that occur in and around your home or work.

Safety switches perform a different function to fuses or circuit breakers, which are required to protect against high current, short-circuit or overload faults. While separate switches are available, a combination safety switch and circuit breaker unit is available.

Undetected, these faults could eventually cause a fire, property damage or personal injury and even death. Because safety switches are so sensitive they provide a means of early fault detection.

Never think safety switches are a substitute for care and common sense. Nothing is 100% guaranteed or fail-safe. Treat electricity with the utmost respect and make sure it is regularly tested to make sure it is operational and working correctly. If it doesn’t work, it can’t help you.

Safety switches have been mandatory on the power outlet circuits of new homes since the early 1990s, and on the light and power circuits of new homes in most states since 2000.

Unfortunately many older homes and premises are not fitted with safety switches making them more prone to accidents.

In short why test RCD Safety Switches

RCD Safety Switches form part of the overall requirements under the “Duty of Care” and the responsibility under the Occupational Health Safety laws and yes Safety Switches do perform part of the safety requirements. However without regular maintenance they may not trip in time and or worse not work at all. So get your Safety Switches tested today. What is stopping you!

Star Plus Electrical are the number one specialist safety switch installation, Replacement and Testing service in Adelaide. We only supply and install name brand safety switches and electrical components.

If you're not sure if you have a safety switch fitted or would like an existing one tested, contact us today for further info and pricing - by phone, enquiry form, or email.

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