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Powerpoint Installation

Are you getting frustrated at the lack of powerpoints around your home or business? Perhaps you are trying to create the perfectly styled space, but you are restricted by the location and limitations of your current switches. Call us now for an estimate over the phone, or we can come out and supply a formal quote for powerpoint installation.

We are specialists in powerpoint (or power outlet) installation, so that you can get convenient access to power, wherever you need it. No more extension leads, unsightly cables or dangerous leads. Just plug in and switch on!

Adding extra powerpoints to your home or business will help safeguard the space from dangerous, exposed power leads. In addition to this, the addition of extra powerpoints will dilute the electrical ‘stress’ on your circuit, so that your powerpoints do not become overloaded, your fuses are less likely to blow and you are protected against fatal fire hazards.

Perhaps you have enough powerpoints already? We also specialise in powerpoint repairs and powerpoint replacement. We advise that you have your powerpoints checked occasionally, to ensure that your connections are safe and not corroded – leaving behind an unstable power supply and a potential fire hazard.

Please contact us today for further info and pricing - by phone, enquiry form, or email.

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Powerpoint Installation

Powerpoint Installation

Need extra powerpoints? Upgrade existing single outlet to double for your office and home. Powerpoints are now also available in a range of colors and styles, from classic heritage to modern sophisticated elegance and operation.

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Our love for outdoor living and gardening. Outdoor weatherproof powerpoints have let us enjoy all the benefits of our Australian backyard lifestyles. Power for music, visual entertainment, lighting or the pizza oven and electric bbq’s.

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Powerpoint Installation

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