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Pest Related Electrical Damage

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After having pests exterminated from your house in the Adelaide area, it is always prudent to call in a skilled, qualified electrician in Adelaide to ensure that your wiring is still safe and intact. The exterminator – or “pest control expert”, as they frequently bill themselves today – may have wiped out the termite colony with sprays and baits, or trapped out the local nest of mice, but having your wiring examined and tested by Star Plus (www.starpluselectrical.com.au) will give you the assurance that the damage inflicted by these uninvited guests have not affected your home’s electrical performance.

Strange as it may sound, infestations of animals can also lead to electrical faults and even fires on occasion. For example, termites are known to chew the coating off wires, possibly leading to them shorting out. Termites are so ubiquitous in Australia now that this scenario is hardly far-fetched – and rodents have also been known to gnaw the coverings off wires, too.

There are several different results which can ensue after the wiring has been stripped of its covering by the busy mandibles of termites or the ever-growing teeth of rodents such as rats and mice. One possible result is that nothing at all will happen – yet. This is the best case scenario, but the exposed wires are still a potential death trap for anyone who has access to them. Years from now, an unsuspecting remodeler might place their hands on the bare wires and be shocked or electrocuted.

Such insect or rodent-damaged wires can also potentially short out, cutting off power to part or all of your home. In the worst case scenario, they are in contact with wood or wallboard, and may eventually heat it to the flashpoint, when combustion will occur and you will have a full scale electrical house fire to deal with. Huge amounts of damage have been done by rodents in this manner over the years.

Star Plus offers a full suite of electrical inspection and resistance testing that will pinpoint any faults in the electrical system caused by recently exterminated pests. Visit our website or call us today at 1800 438 782, and win the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done the right thing to keep your family and yourself safe.

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